:) o/ :( :@ :D (:DDD) :B (durr) heckno silly sike scout lolwut pinkiepie rarity applejack twilightsparkle rainbowdash fluttershy la promotion idk heckyeah wess kermityay :S batman :P stop clap popcorn GAH! ganon glitch (:3) (>:3) shard (>:D) (D:) party rottentomato ttfn nope aintnobodygottimeforthat pootis gottago music boom space rawr motherofgod iknowthatfeel watchout truestory truestory2 amused porky success srsly mindfudge :o gimmeahug yay2 medic rayman why OBJECTION! notsure all badpokerface pokerface no help hello dealwithit gameandwatch iloveyou ohsnap howboutno2 howboutno psyduck megaman ~ doit dance toonlink smashing foreverhappy so never lol! awyeah idontgetit wynaut nono swag cake minigun yuno nod giggle punch nom tails3 okay sigh facepalm notbad spam wow srsly2 WHATISTHIS banhammer ddd noface foreveralone lolcheese illuminati cannoteven sohardcore (wynaut)/(whynot) (Hello)/(Creepy) (nesspeace)

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